Out Now: Twin Peaks LPs

Friday, September 22, 2017
Out Now: Twin Peaks LPs
Out Now: Twin Peaks LPs

A few weeks back, we released the two soundtrack albums for Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series, and when we did so, we vowed that, although they were only being released digitally and on CD at that time, a vinyl release was imminent. 
So imminent was it, in fact, that they’re already here! 
TWIN PEAKS: LIMITED EVENT SERIES SOUNDTRACK features the moody instrumental material that kept you on the edge of your seat throughout the course of the 18 episodes, which means you get lots of Angelo Badalamenti, of course, along with contributions from Muddy Magnolias, Grady Tate, Johnny Jewel, Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra / Witold Rowicki, David Lynch & Dean Hurley, Chromatics, and Thought Gang, which – spoiler alert – is actually the aforementioned Mr. Badalamenti teamed with the equally-aforementioned Mr. Lynch.

TWIN PEAKS: MUSIC FROM THE LIMITED EVENT SERIES, on the other hand, offers the material that was spotlighted in the Roadhouse and various other locales throughout the world of Twin Peaks, and it’s a remarkably diverse bunch of tunes from a variety of time periods. In addition to contributions from The Platters (“My Prayer”), Booker T. and The M.G.’s (“Green Onions”), ZZ Top (“Sharp Dressed Man”), and Otis Redding (“I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”), you also get material from Nine Inch Nails, Eddie Vedder, Julee Cruise, Shawn Colvin, Rebekah Del Rio, the Cactus Blossoms, and many others. 
Below you’ll find the full track listing for both LPs. Here’s hoping you agree with us that it was worth the wait.

1. Twin Peaks Theme by Angelo Badalamenti
2. American Woman (David Lynch Remix) by Muddy Magnolias
3. Laura Palmer's Theme (Love Theme From Twin Peaks) by Angelo Badalamenti
4. Accident / Farewell Theme by Angelo Badalamenti
5. Grady Groove (feat. Grady Tate) by Angelo Badalamenti
6. Windswept (Reprise) by Johnny Jewel
7. Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room by Angelo Badalamenti
8. The Chair by Angelo Badalamenti
9. Deer Meadow Shuffle by Angelo Badalamenti
10. Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima (with Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra) by Witold Rowicki
11. Slow 30s Room by David Lynch & Dean Hurley
12. The Fireman by Angelo Badalamenti
13. Saturday (Instrumental) by Chromatics
14. Headless Chicken by Thought Gang
15. Night by Angelo Badalamenti
16. Heartbreaking by Angelo Badalamenti
17. Audrey's Dance by Angelo Badalamenti
18. Dark Space Low by Angelo Badalamenti 
1. Twin Peaks Main Theme (EDIT) by Angelo Badalamenti
2. Shadow by Chromatics
3. Mississippi by The Cactus Blossoms
4. Lark by Au Revoir Simone
5. I Am by Blunted Beatz
6. I Love How You Love Me by The Paris Sisters
7. Snake Eyes by Trouble
8. Tarifa (ROADHOUSE MIX) by Sharon Van Etten
9. She’s Gone Away by Nine Inch Nails
10. My Prayer by The Platters
11. No Stars by Rebekah Del Rio
12. Viva Las Vegas by Shawn Colvin
13. Just You by James Marshall
14. Green Onions by Booker T. and The MG’s
15. Wild West (ROADHOUSE MIX) by Lissie
16. Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top
17. Axolotl (ROADHOUE MIX) by The Veils
18. Out of Sand by Eddie Vedder
19. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (LIVE FROM MONTEREY POP) by Otis Redding
20. The World Spins by Julee Cruise

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